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     Cosmic Frog is one of Chico's freshest new psychedelic jambands. Consisting of four students at Chico State, the band pulls influence from Psychedelic Rock with their  roots deep in the Bluegrass scene. Couple these two genres from a young and modern perspective and you get Cosmic Frog. Kyle Ledson is the lead vocalist and a guitarist in the band, having recorded and performed with artists like Yonder Mountain String Band, Bill Nershi, ALO, Hot Buttered Rum, and many others. Joining Kyle, as one of the original Frogs, is the talented Aidan Steckley on drums. Django Ruckrich on guitar & Sam Jacobs on bass are the newest members of the Frogs and with Kyle, make up 3/4 of the acoustic band, Broken Compass Bluegrass. Once you lock your ears on Cosmic Frog, you'll be instantly ribbited.

Cosmic Frog is:

KYLE LEDSON - Guitar / Electric Mandolin / Vocals


DJANGO RUCKRICH - Guitar / Vocals



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