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Introducing Chico’s freshest musical sensation – Cosmic Frog. Their latest incarnation borrows 3/4 of the members of Broken Compass Bluegrass and sees them morph their musical identities into adventurous, amphibious rock stars. The band’s fun, dancey vibe is infectious with Sam Jacobs driving the groove on bass, the versatile Django Ruckrich stretching himself into new realms on guitar & keys, and the mind-expanding, blistering chops of Kyle Ledson on the electric guitar. Other than Kyle, the lone torchbearer from the OG Cosmic Frog lineup is drummer Aidan Steckley. He brings a thoughtful, jazzy touch and a funky pocket that exceeds his years.

While there is undoubtedly bluegrass inspiration at its core, Cosmic Frog is an unabashed jam-rock band. At one of their shows, you might find yourself metaphorically barreling down the roads of the great American west with rich imagery spiraling through your mind. They take a cerebral approach in distilling the influence of many of the best psychedelic jambands of past and present. Grateful Dead and Phish are certainly at the top of that list. Their understanding of how to play this material reflects an intense passion and focus. You’ll be hanging on every note as they tap in to an undercurrent of patient improvisation. It’s also thrilling to hear a number of Kyle’s mature, original compositions turbocharged in this electric terrain.

Cosmic Frog is:

KYLE LEDSON - Guitar / Electric Mandolin / Vocals


DJANGO RUCKRICH - Guitar / Keys / Vocals